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The LPP Estates Team

Why Choose LPP estates ?

We are London, People, Property, formed in 1993 using over 50 years worth of collective knowledge and experience LPP estates is proud to be the modern estate agent. Our culture and mission statement reinforce this approach which aims to give the ultimate customer experience. In other words, we exist for you, the client, not the other way round.

Specialising in residential sales, lettings and investments, our aim is to make your property experience seamless. In a world of cheap alternatives that promise the earth but deliver few results due to the motivation of the employees we are different. We offer a service where everyone is responsible for their own earnings due to our self employed system which ensures we work with only the most motivated and experienced of consultants whose sole aim is to get the best possible price for their clients, whether acting on a sales or buying side. We also work extensively with other independent agents ensuring any sale or let is given the best audience and exposure.

This differs from traditional and corporate agents who in most cases are unlikely to offer your property or your requirements to anyone outside their company meaning that if it isn’t on their books or in their database it won’t happen. The knock on effect to clients is that they are forced to do the leg work themselves. Is there any wonder people question agency fees?

One of our biggest unique selling points is that LPP is part of Global Property firm Keller Williams, with over 155,000 property consultants in 33 countries our referral system is second to none. We all subscribe to the same culture and mission meaning that our multiple international referrals will be dealt with at the highest level. In Prime London, many buyers and tenants are international and the standard of service provided by traditional agents falls short of their expectations. Our network ensures that we provide the experience they require; and expect from their home nations.

We look forward to working with you and living up to our reputation to date.

Our Skills

Finding perfect location
Response in time
Customer Focus


Delivering the dream of home ownership .

All members of the LPP estates team  have this same goal, because owning real estate provides security, safety and opportunity for individuals. The technology we use  helps our team become more efficient at their job and find more customers to deliver on that mission. Our training prepares agents to be even better by utilising exceptional techniques and systems, and the LPP Estates Team constantly help families find and sell homes.


Dominate markets.

We want to win at what we do, and we do all we can to help our customers, agents and employees build wealth. We love to work with people who are passionate about working hard and also giving back to their communities in a big way.



Our values are what everyone who works at LPP Estates strives for each day, and they are applicable to everyone we work with. These values are also the metric we use to decide who we work with. We believe our team’s success is determined by our ability to maintain our HEALTH, which is defined by our core values:

Hard work

Extraordinary results

Accountable in all things

Leaders only




Win – Win: or no deal

Integrity: Do the right thing

Customers: Always come first

Communication: Seek first to understand

Creativity: Ideas before results

Teamwork: Together everyone achieves more

Trust: Starts with honesty

Success: Results through people

Why LPP Estates

Buyers, sellers and agents love to work with LPP Estates ,an experienced team of real estate professionals powered by- Keller Williams Team for many reasons.

People like the way we do business. J.D. Power and Associates recently awarded Keller Williams “Highest in Customer Satisfaction” among home buyers and sellers.

KW Realty is the top choice for agents looking to rapidly grow their real estate careers. With comprehensive training, experienced leadership and support staff and generous commission splits, Keller Williams Realty sets up real estate agents to make more money and have more fun doing it.

Here are three great reasons to work with LPP estates  and Keller Williams : size, exposure and resources.


With a global network of 146,000 agents, Keller Williams is the world’s largest real estate franchise, giving our consultants  and clients access to an...


As Gary Keller ( our Chairman ) likes to say, “We are a training and technology company that happens to sell Real Estate.” Our...


You get a much bigger footprint for your property exposure with our marketing reach, which means more people see your property  and more homes...

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